May 18, 2015

1st graduation in Malawi

 Hello to all,

Just some brief news: I know it has been a bit of a delay. We have had a lot going on so it was hard where to begin. One of the biggest events in our year is the Conference in our Western neighbor Zambia. It is special to us, we lived there for 6 years, and the church there was instrumental in planting the one here. This year God was so faithful to allow us to bring more members than ever to the conference. Almost 30 of us attended and many were there for the first time. Of course, we can say that this past conference was the best; it always gets better, we are always growing. But we could see it in the fellowship, everyone had a great expectation and God commanded a blessing Psalm 133. It was amazing to see that after 11 years in Zambia, God had done so much. Teams from Congo, Zimbabwe, Northern Zambia, Mozambique, and South Africa were in attendance. It was so edifying with a theme of “Mercy Forever”. Of the group that we brought,  5 of them had earned a 2 year certificate in Bible college. They were allowed to graduate with the Zambian graduates which was so encouraging to them.

On the heels of the conference and the edge of us returning to Baltimore, we are pleased to report that Greater Grace Bible College just had its first graduation. 13 students in total have completed our 2 year certificate and graduated. We had 3 Zambian pastors with us for the event. Two of them, Pr. Nelson and Pr. Enock, were the ones who came on missions trips here in the beginning, so it is fitting that they could witness the fruit from the seeds they planted years ago.
As we travel back to Baltimore, we are so thankful for the year we have had. God has answered so many prayers: He gave us a new place for the church which is such a blessing; Marriages have been healed and families put back together; people growing and learning the Bible, Visions developed to reach surrounding neighborhoods, cities, and countries; and the Team having great unity. We have a great expectation for the year ahead. And one more thing: We are having another Baby! A few months ago we found out Julie was pregnant and she is progressing well. Thank you so much for your prayers: we don’t deserve the least of God’s mercies, but He has given them to us in abundance. 

Some Exciting things to pray for:

  1. We have the possibility to go on nationwide radio weekly. We are in the process of doing a pilot show, seeing the response,  and then negotiating the price.
  2. We have been stirred up to re-evaluate our visitation program and many in the church are excited about it. We have 6 visitation groups that will visit church members and new visitors in their areas.
  3. We have a vision to begin a Bible Study in another area of the city called Likuni. We have devoted one day of our evangelism program to sow the seeds to this residential area in the Western part of the city and the response is amazing. 
  4. Please pray for Pr. Albert as he leads the church here while we travel. He is so faithful, and a great friend and team member. He will have another pastor from Zambia joining him for the time we will be away conducting a Summer (Winter in the Southern Hemisphere) Bible College Program. 

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  1. in agreement with you in prayer; pray you are edified as a family your visit to Baltimore; pray for everything concerning.