February 05, 2017

February Morsels

Recently we began door-knocking evangelism in the area that our church is in called Mwenyekondo (Indian with a spear).  This neighborhood that surrounds the church has thousands of one-roomed homes. The dirt roads that meander throughout the neighborhood seem more like blood vessels spread  throughout a body than a organized grid. It is fitting because the place is teeming with life that is in desperate need from a touch from God.  

Many of the people in this neighborhood have home-made distilleries and have bars connected to their homes. A lot of people don’t go to church so it’s a great place to minister and a huge open door. We met a sweet lady named Lucy on visitation 3 weeks ago. She barely speaks English, has one child, and lives with her husband in a one room house as part of a group of 4 houses that have a shared bathroom. Amazingly, she came the next day to our midweek service and hasn’t stopped coming for the past 2 weeks. She is our first fruits of Door Knocking. It was so refreshing to see the church in action. As she came she was loved and greeted by all. Soon after coming, the Women's ministry visited her. Then my Mother invited her over to her house with another lady in the church, it was so encouraging to her. 

It was a simple reminder of why we are here, just encouraging people in the Lord one person at a time. Each person is so valuable.

                                     Lucy (on the left)

Please pray for:

-Our Bible College semester started with over 180 students. We have completed one full four year cycle and now for another 4 years!!!!

-Our second church in Chinsapo just started their midweek service and one bible college class.

-Our annual Conference, Malawicon in April and our Bible College Graduation

Some pictures of the past few weeks:

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