April 30, 2018

Conference Communion - Called out of darkness into His Light - 1 Peter 2 : 9

Thank you for all your prayers for our annual conference it was incredible. For those who don't know, yearly we, as a church, put on an annual conference to graduate our Bible College Students and welcome Pr Scibelli and guests who travel with him. 
This year we had the honor of hosting our brothers and sisters from all Southern African Churches. Usually this regional conference takes place in Zambia,  but was changed to Malawi similarly like the European conference. What was amazing was the amount of visitors who came on such short notice. For many who travelled, they came at great sacrifice since few of them have formal employment. For many, just the ticket is a month or two of income. We had visitors from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Congo, South Africa, China, France and USA. 

It was amazing seeing the Zams and Zims coming in on their big coach buses to hear great messages and have great fellowship. 

There were so many memorable moments, but two that stood out were the leadership meeting before the conference. It was an intimate time of questions and answers with Pr Scibelli. The second was our ordination service. It was so encouraging to see two Malawian leaders become pastors: Pastor Yamikani and Pastor Malrone. These two men have been so faithful and such a help, we were so happy to see them ordained. 

(Pr. Malrone and Pr. Yamikani are the two with matching shirts at right 1Cor 14:40)

Times of fellowship before and around the Malawian conference 

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