November 09, 2010

October-November News

Wow, it has been a whirlwind October. What a blessing it was to have Pr. Scibelli come and visit us for 2 weeks as he so faithfully does. To add to that we also had a team from our sister church in Uganda come by bus (which is a miracle in itself - 4 days of travel). We had our annual Kitwe Leadership Conference with Pr. Adam & Melinda Speedy on "God's Commitment to Us". Another highlight was a speacial dinner we had with the pastors in Lusaka and their wives with Pr. Scibelli. One message I particularly remember was to the leaders from Nehemiah 6. It was about the enemy's attack after every victory of God, that we should come to expect it rather than be suprised at it. God prepared our family for what we are going through now. Right after this great time, One after the other, each one of our family got sick. Now we are in Quarantine status: Julie with Typhoid and the rest of us with stomach viruses. We are meeting God in the situation. We value your prayers.
Pr Chris Arman & Family

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  1. Oh, wow P.Chris...I will be praying for a speedy recovering for all of you. You are all such amazing servants of God, and God has you all in His very capable hands.

    Love much,