November 30, 2014

1st Baptism, "Salvation, and Stuff"

We just had Greater Grace of Malawi's first Baptism after a month of planning. It was full of joy and comedy. Since we are in a tropical climate, there are pools that are functioning year round. The problem is that many of these pools, whether they be in a small hotel or a restaurant don't usually want a church group of 40 people blasting into their premise and breaking the ambiance. Or if they do, they will charge quite a high premium on it. Thankfully, there was a small pool at my parents and the Sliva's compound. Unfortunately it was far past its prime which was probably in the mid 90's and hadn't probably been used since then. But as with anything, a little cleaning and hard work had it up and ready for the baptism. We had a month of announcements to invite all that wanted to be baptized to prepare. We also had a baptism class to explain what Baptism really means. Many have the misconception that Baptism saves a person. So the class dealt with many of these things.
We ended up baptizing 12 church members. It was awesome! Some were new believers, some "never got around to it". It was a great time of fellowship, singing, and snacks.

                                                                 This video just for fun...:)

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