December 20, 2014

CHRISTmas, exactly.

Merry Christmas to you from the Arman Family. Thank you for your prayers, love, and support this past year. How amazing. We are coming up on our 2 year anniversary being in Malawi. Its hard to believe that we already have some students graduating with a 2 year certificate. It still seems like we have only been here a few months.
   Last month we had our first Baptism. We had 12 people baptized with another 20 witnessing the event. It was so much fun to be together and enjoy watching people make decisions to follow God. We sang songs and had a message and enjoyed each other’s fellowship. It was one of those events in which you say, “This is what we came here for…” to see this type of change in a person’s life.
Our Big event of the year is our Christmas Banquet, which is a staple event for Southern African Missions. We did it in Zambia and we also do it in Malawi. We plan to have a big meal following the service on Sunday. We are praying that we will have a record of new visitors that would come through our doors. They may come for physical food, but that they would continue for spiritual food.
   Finally it seems that God is answering our prayers for our desire to change locations in multiple facets: First, we had a meeting to begin the procedure of renting a government hall to move into. We were interested in this place 6 months ago, but the people in it delayed to move out. The new hall would more than double our seating capacity and put us in an even more strategic location being adjacent to the main bus depot. We are still waiting on their response if we can rent it. We are believing God, that it will be available and within our budget. Secondly, we have begun looking for land for the church. We have found a location that is up and coming in development and that would be an easy place for many of our members to get to. The land in this area is still cheap and we are praying to buy a parcel of land and begin developing it while we are renting a building. We found a few locations that are about 6 thousand dollars, but we believe that we could make an offer of about 4 or less.  Amazingly we have already raised 25% of the money and are believing God for the rest hopefully by the early part of next year. A treasure in a field Matt. 13:44

It is amazing how things go from beginnings to very fast in a very short amount of time. We are so grateful to God and His faithfulness, and for our friends and family all around the world that make up the Family of God. Please continue to pray for us to have Wisdom and Boldness to believe God for the impossible. Merry Christmas.

Newest member of GG Church of Malawi. Steven George Dulli, 5 days old.

                     Pray for our potential land for the church....

Oh just on the main road, where only cars should only be allowed... had to pull

On our visitation day, thursday, visiting one precious family, Nixon and Joanna and their daughter Chimwemwe...
All the neighbors kids came to say hi and Chris started a small bible study/Christmas story using the ground instead of a sketch board :)

Our 2 new african ornaments of the year..

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