December 31, 2014

The happiest of New Years to you

1st GG candle light service in Malawi

                                                              Christmas Dinner at our house

                                                   Christmas food fellowship with the church after sunday service

Recap from 2014

The following is an example of all that God did in this year. Pr. Scibelli once preached that God’s Past Faithfulness gives Present Faith and produces Future Hope in Revelation 1:8.

- Visit From Pr. Enock(Zambia), Anthony (South Africa), and Matt Roberge (US)
- Our 2nd Year of Bible College Begins
- Missions trip to Kasungu( a Northern city in Malawi)

- Pr. Scibelli visits with Shane Sterner and Colton Herb from Carlisle, PA.
- A group from Malawi attends our regional Zambian Conference
- We attend our International Conference and have a booth to benefit new Malawi team members
- We visit other branch churches in the United States.

- We welcome 5 new Missionaries to Lilongwe: Pr. George and Carol Arman; Matt and Lisa Sliva; and Peter Scibelli.
- Our First Annual Conference –MalawiCon- brings over 100 people for Pr. Scibelli’s Visit

- The 1st Church Baptism Picnic- 12 members are Baptized; 20 attend to witness the event.
- Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
- Christmas Banquet
- New Year Eve/healing service

Prayer Requests for 2015:
- We have located some land that would be a perfect location for the church: 11/2 acres for $6000, we think we can make an offer for $4,000. We need wisdom from God for the timing.
- While that land is acquired and developed we need an interim place to worship and hold Bible college. We have currently outgrown our room. We are looking around the same area we are in. One hall is available and owned by the government. Our prayer is that they will let us rent it.
- We would like to begin a couples program next month
- We would like to do a missions trip in the next month to a rural village an hour from Lilongwe
- We are praying to be on the radio nationwide

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